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Infosys and Microsoft collaborate for Spark's ERP driven business transformation Back
(02 Nov 2022)
Infosys and Microsoft today announced the successful migration of Spark's corporate functions to Microsoft Dynamics 365. This is set to enhance business resilience, operational simplicity, workplace agility and customer experience for New Zealand's largest telecommunications and digital services company.

Infosys was chosen to assist Spark on this journey for its rich Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) experience, Microsoft Dynamics 365 expertise, and ability to deliver digital and business transformation solutions in an agile and scalable manner.

As part of the engagement, leveraging Infosys Cobalt, Infosys delivered a platform-led transformation to de-risk and accelerate end-to-end ERP service delivery and data-driven decision making through Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation. Infosys and Microsoft consultants collaborated with Spark stakeholders to strategically align their business processes with out-of-the-box best practice capabilities and functions provided by Microsoft Dynamics 365 for process harmonisation.

The implementation is now live across all Spark NZ's support service functions, from finance and human resources to supply chain, procurement, and billing.