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UPL collaborates with Oro Agri for co-distribution of Orange Oil for plant protection Back
(17 Aug 2022)
UPL announced a new collaboration with Oro Agri, a Rovensa company, for the co-distribution and further development of Orange Oil, a biosolution effective against a wide range of pests and diseases.

Orange Oil was developed by Oro Agri as a residue free biosolution with fungicidal, insecticidal, and acaricidal functions, as well as excellent adjuvant properties. Already registered in over 30 countries and with more than 140 crop and pest combinations, Orange Oil now joins Natural Plant Protection – NPP's biosolutions portfolio, further enabling farmers to embrace more sustainable agriculture.

From 2023, UPL will co-distribute Oro Agri's 60 g/L solo Orange Oil bioprotection formulation. Oro Agri will continue to supply existing customers directly while UPL will use its global distribution network to access new markets and build a wider customer base. UPL and Oro Agri will also collaborate to develop, register and market new and existing Orange Oil formulations to offer growers around the world access to the latest, most effective, and sustainable crop protection biosolutions. The agreement is part of UPL's OpenAg® commitment to build a collaborative global network within the industry and beyond.