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Company Profile

Dayco is a company, aimed at Investor services in West Bengal and Eastern India, and dedicated to meet all the needs of retail investors of any size and profile, under one roof.

Reach Dayco for the following :
  • Financial Planning and Investment Advisory Services.
  • Retail investment in the Indian Capital Market.
  • Availing a Demat Account for any need.
  • Mutual fund, ETF, SIP schemes online.
  • Availing Insurance Product in Demat form.
  • Opening KYC and e-KYC for Capital Market.
  • Joining National Pension Scheme - individual or corporate.
  • Dayco began its journey in Indian Capital Market in the year 1946, while its root originated way back in 1874. It has vast experience and trusted service for the investors over generations. Dayco is a time tested name in Securities Market, equivalent to trust.

    Dayco has a vast branch network to reach remote in West Bengal. It has state of the art IT infrastructure with most modern technologies and highly efficient internal control mechanism to serve the investors as per their need.

    Dayco Securities Pvt Ltd is a SEBI registered entity being Member of National Stock Exchange of India Ltd, Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd and it is a Depository Participant with National Securities Depository Ltd. It is a Corporate Agent with SBI Life Insurance, approved by IRDAI. It is an AMFI Registered Mutual Fund Advisor. Dayco is co-branding partner with UTI Mutual Fund. It has aquired Authentication User Agency (AUA), for usage of Aadhaar Authentication Services provided by UIDAI. It is registered to act as Point of Presence (POP) under National Pension Scheme (NPS) by Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA).

    Dayco is one of those rare companies in India, who has no investor grievance record with its principals and regulators. We believe, sincerity and integrity can only be the two components of successful branding.


  • bag1874 - Toolsydas Roy

    A few British and native traders laid the foundation stone for the first Exchange to trade in securities. Toolsydas Roy & Bros was a leading broker firm from Bengal. (Source : "Down Lyons Range" Authored by Aditi Roy Ghatak, Published : Calcutta Stock Exchange)

  • bag1900 - Acrur Chandra Day

    Member of Calcutta Stock Exchange (CSE was officially registered in 1908)

  • bag1946 - Kartick Chandra Day

    Member of Calcutta Stock Exchange and Founder Chairman of Dayco

  • bag1963 - Ajit Day (present CMD)

    Dayco was established as a partnership firm, Ajit Day joins father


  • bag1994 - Incorporation

    Dayco Securities Pvt Ltd was incorporated with the present Board pf Directors

  • bag1996 - NSE Member

    Dayco Sec becomes a pioneer Member of NSE from the Eastern Region

  • bag1997 - NSDL DP

    Dayco Sec becomes one of the first Depository Participant with NSDL from the East

  • bag2005 - BSE Member

    Dayco Sec becomes a Member of BSE

  • bag2014 - AMFI MFD

    Dayco becomes AMFI Registered Mutual Fund Advisor

  • bag2015 - IRDA Agent

    Dayco becomes Corporate Insurance Agent registered with IRDA

  • bag2016 - NPS POP

    Dayco was registered as a Point of Presence (POP) under National Pension Scheme (NPS) by Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA)

  • bag2022 - Investment Advisor

    Dayco becomes SEBI registered Investment Advisor (RIA)

Awards & Achievements


BEST STAR MF SMART INVESTING Highest Order Placed FY 2018-19

UTI SUMMIT Stellar Performance STAR CLUB FY 2016-17

UTI SUMMIT Stellar Performance STAR CLUB FY 2015-16

Birla Sun Life Outstanding Contribution-2016

UTI SUMMIT Stellar Performance REGIONAL CLUB FY 2014-15





SEBI RIA : INA300016701
BROKER : INZ000265037




POP 24092018









Gour Chandra Kar

I am a client of Dayco Securities Pvt Ltd for more than 59 years. During these 59 yrs I saw transformation of Dayco from a single office to multiple branches. I also saw how Dayco quickly adapt with changing environment of Indian Stock Market. For example when I first came to stock market everything was manual but now everything is electronic and Dayco also quickly adapts itself to this environment.

Last of all I want to mention that at this age of 86 yrs when I am unable to move freely Dayco Securities Pvt Ltd give me home services till date. So I want to thanks them for the flawless investment service which they provide me all this 57 yrs.God blesses Dayco.


Raj Mohan Jolly

This is an unsolicited testimonial. I have been a client of Dayco Securities Pvt Ltd., for over 35 years from 1980, and am still a very satisfied client of theirs. During the period that I have been a client, I have seen Dayco Securities grow from one office in the Calcutta Stock Exchange Building, open additional offices & spread their wings all over Bengal and Mumbai as well. They have maintained their quality of service throughout, and given me no cause for complaint in all these years. I have moreover found them extremely honest, efficient, and clear and clean in all, their dealings and have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone who is on the lookout for a good & reliable share broker, or a financial advisor.


Krishna Banerjee

I opened the demat account in respect of my Equity Share holdings with Dayco Securities Pvt Ltd many years ago , my ID being 10058340 . I have a Treading A/C with them also. I am quite satisfied with services rendered by “DAYCO “during all these years. Their investor’s friendly attitude and advice are quite helpful.


Mihir Das

Dayco Securities Pvt. Ltd is not only a share trading and stock exchange dealing company. It gives also the total picture of the current financial position of the world. I am associated with this company more than 12 years. I am taken aback to see its clientele base. I have also enriched my knowledge by the help of the staff members of the company.

Time to time I am getting right information and appropriate advice from the staff members and also from the Director of the company. I also appreciate the 146year old company’s service to its clients. In one word, I say that I have got much benefited from this company for the last 10 years.


Sujoy Das

I am associated with this company form the year of 1999.On the behalf of the market scenario, in various time, I faced different type of problems but your end the valuable co-operation to solve the problem really appreciable by me. Here by, my only request you that Please inform me by sms any kind of news about equity related or about the market sentiment to get benefit in the market hours if possible.